We have a growing line of Accessories!
Mattresses - Drawers - Headboards - Desks - Trundle Beds
Ladders - Stairs
Each of the Accessories shown below can be ordered separately or added to a Bed Order
Our under-bed Drawer Sets are our hottest-selling
accessory. Take a good look at the picture to the right.
These drawers are far different from the standard drawers sold under bunk bed sets.
  • They are made from heavy-weight lumber.
  • They are a full 42" from front to back 
          (not 14"-18" like typical drawers).
  • They use all the available space under a Twin Bed. There is no wasted space behind the drawer. We thought you would like to use it all! 
  • And just imagine not having to clean under the bed!
  • They ride on carpet casters instead of drawer glides. That means they can hold a ton of weight and they can also be moved anywhere in the room because they are not attached to the bed.
  • And don't think just about clothing! These drawers could hold toys (even a train set) or bedding, or out-of-season items. (Most customers use the back section for items they don't get to as often.)
  • They are a full 7" deep. A set of drawers can easily replace a middle-sized dresser in a bedroom.
  • They come in either a two-drawer set (37" wide each) or a three-drawer set (25"-27" wide each).

Sometimes it's nice to have space for a clock, a book, or a snack in your children's beds. The headboard shown at left is a simple construction but it provides that extra space for keeping small items. These headboards can be made for Single Beds, Bunk Beds, or Captain's Beds. We can even make them for Double, Queen Size, or even King Size Beds.
Note: There is one "catch." In order to allow room for the headboard, the bed frame itself must be stretched an extra 6 inches. You will need to allow a little longer "footprint" for your bed. 

Under-Loft Computer/Study Desk

DK100 Desk (fits under Twin or Twin XL Loft)
  40" x 40" with 14" depth

DK150 Desk (fits under Full, Queen, or King Loft)
  49" x 49" with 16" depth
Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
Under-Bed Drawer Sets
Under-Bed Drawer Sets

DR100 Single Drawer 
  (for use under L-shaped Bunk Bed)

DR200 Double Drawer Set 
  (Each Drawer is 9"H x 42"D x 37"W)

DR300 Triple Drawer Set 
  (Each Drawer is 9"H x 42"D x 25"-27"W)
Shown: Two-Drawer Under-Bed Drawer Set in Provincial stain.

HB100 Twin or Twin XL Headboard

HB150 Full Headboard

HB170 Queen Headboard

HB190 King Headboard
Shown: Twin Headboard on Bottom Bunk.
Below Left: Twin Headboard on Top Bunk.
The Desk shown at the right is designed to fit nicely under our Tall Loft Bed and creates a little "office" for your teen (or you) under the bed. This desk is designed to coordinate with the Loft Bed itself. It is an L-shaped desk with space for a computer or a study space at the corner of the "L." In the Twin-Size, it is 40" long on each wing and a comfortable 14" wide front to back. In the Full/Queen Sizeit is 49" long on each wing and 16" wide front to back. Power cords can be put out of sight inside the back leg.

A keyboard pull-out drawer (available at office supply stores) may easily be attached under the corner of the desk or you can simply set the keyboard on top of the desk. 

The desk is not attached to the bed, so it can be easily moved anywhere else in the room when you want to change the arrangement of the furniture.
Shown: DK100 Desk in Provincial Stain (under Twin Loft Bed)
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Call/Text 208-819-0568 to Order or Ask Questions!  8 am - 8 pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Saturday
Trundle Beds
The Trundle Bed has been around for a long time as well. Originally called the "truckle" bed, it is actually a bed on wheels which stores underneath another bed. As shown at the right, the trundle bed can be stored under a Single Bed or under a Bunk Bed and is ready for use at a moment's notice anywhere in the bedroom. When used under a Bunk Bed, it provides space for a third sleeper; when used under a Single Bed, it provides space for a second sleeper. If the mattress is removed, the mattress box can be used to store bedding, luggage, out-of-season clothing, a children's train set, or many other things!

Since the Trundle Bed is on its own rollers, it can be moved anywhere in the room for sleeping!

The Trundle Bed is available in two different models: the Standard Trundle Bed holds a standard twin-size mattress and fits under a Twin or Full size single bed or bunk; the Heavyweight Trundle Bed also holds a standard twin-size mattress and fits under a TwinXL or Queen size single bed or bunk. The Bunky Board is included in both models.
Shown: (Above) Heavyweight Trundle Bed under TwinXL Bunk Bed Set; (Left) Heavyweight Trundle Bed under TwinXL Single Bed.
Under-Bed Trundle Bed Set

TR100 Standard Twin-Size Trundle Bed 
(Fits under Twin/Full Bed)

TR105 Heavyweight Twin-Size Trundle Bed 
(Fits under TwinXL or Queen Bed)
Shown: EP100 Twin-Size Economy Plush
4" Thick Poly Foam Mattress
$ 65  FM080 Toddler-Size Poly Foam 

6" Thick Economy Plush Innerspring
$110  EP100 Twin-Size Economy Plush
$130  EP105 TwinXL-Size Economy Plush
$145  EP150 Full-Size Economy Plush

8" Thick First Light Innerspring Quilt Top
$145  FL100 Twin-Size First Light
$165  FL105 TwinXL-Size First Light
$195  FL150 Full-Size First Light
$225  FL170 Queen-Size First Light

9" Thick Daybreak 100 Plush Top Innerspring
$180  DB100 Twin-Size Daybreak 100 Plush Top
$200  DB105 TwinXL-Size Daybreak 100 Plush Top
$235  DB150 Full-Size Daybreak 100 Plush Top
$285  DB170 Full-Size Daybreak 100 Plush To4
If you don't have your own mattresses already, we can readily supply good-quality, locally-made mattresses in toddler, twin, twin extra-long, full, or queen sizes for your beds.

They are available in four different styles. We have 5" Poly Foam mattresses, and our innerspring mattresses come in 6" Economy Plush, 8" First Light Pillowtop, and our new 9"  Daybreak 100 Plush Top

Our  prices are substantially below retail for these mattresses. We are here to make beds, not mattresses, so we can offer them to you as a service.

Stairs are even better than a ladder! For maximum safety in getting into bed, nothing beats a set of stairs. High rise sides on both right and left allow even young children to get into bed safely. Stairs are also handy for adults who want to get to the top bunk to help a child or make the bed.

Our Stair Set is an exclusive Bunk Beds, Etc., design that attaches to either end of a Bunk Bed or Loft Bed. And it can be attached to any size bed, from a Toddler-Sized Short Loft to a King-Sized Bunk Bed--and any size in between. We just adjust the stair pattern to fit the particular bed you are purchasing.

Please allow an extra 21 inches at one end of the bed to accommodate a stair set.
Our Standard Bunk Bed has the ladder built in to each end of the bed. But if you would rather have a separate Ladder added to your bed, we can do that for you, too! We build two styles of ladders, either Straight or Slanted. Ladders are designed with our exclusive metal "clip" so that they attach securely to the bed but can be removed easily for cleaning or rearranging.

The Straight Ladder is attached to the front face of the bed and allows the sleeper to climb up the side of the bed rather than the end. This is especially useful if the bedroom does not allow access to the end of the bed. A gap in the side rails allows the child to get into bed without having to climb over the guard rails on the top bunk.

The Slanted Ladder can be attached either to the front or the end of the bed. Sloped at a gentle 12 degrees for easy entry to the bed, they are especially valuable for the young child who may have trouble climbing a vertical ladder. A gap in the side rails allows the child to get into bed without having to climb over the guard rails on the top bunk.