Our beds are made from natural Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir, which has a beautiful grain and takes stain well. All the natural knots and other imperfections in the wood add to its beauty when a quality stain is applied.
Many stain colors are available -- from "Natural" (which just brings out the grain of the wood without changing its original color), to the spicy orange-red of "Colonial Maple," to the quiet deep browns of "Provincial," to the sunny yellow-brown of "Golden Oak," and to the fashionable black of "Ebony."

Shown above are eight of the most popular colors our customers have chosen. One of them will probably suit you, but if you need a specific shade not shown, try the following link to company headquarters where you will find these eight colors and eighteen more! More Stain Colors. 

You may also choose to have your bed painted for a reasonable charge. We prime the natural wood and then paint it with any paint that you choose (it must be lead-free -- government rules). It adds two days to the production time and takes quite a bit of work, but it allows you to custom match your bed exactly to your room decor. 

Stain Colors: No Charge (included)
Custom Paint Colors: Please Add 15% to price of painted parts (excluding mattresses, bunky boards, delivery, etc.)
Dimensions: Would you like it Taller? / Shorter? / Wider? / Longer?
You might wonder why anyone would want to change the normal layout of the bed. Well, there are a few times when there is a benefit to customize a bed. The beauty of "made to order" is that these are all possibilities, not impossibilities. Here are a few reasons to change the size of a bed:
  • Taller: You will notice back on the "Styles" page that we make both a Loft Bed and a Tall Loft Bed. The regular Loft Bed offers plenty of playing room underneath, but it is too low for the desk and chair you or your teens may want to use for an "office." We can raise the height of the standard loft as much as 11" without putting the bed too close to the ceiling in a standard bedroom. If you have a cathedral ceiling or an old house with high ceilings, you might want to raise it even further. Also, raising the top bunk or lowering the bottom bunk on a Standard Bunk Bed will get you a little more room between the two beds.
  • Shorter: Sometimes folks have a shorter ceiling (such as in a basement room) and it just makes sense to make the Standard Bunk Bed a little lower. Or some folks want a Loft Bed for a small child. They want to keep him or her closer to the floor for safety's sake, so they order a shorter Loft Bed.
  • Wider: Most Bunk Beds are twin-size. That works for most people. But, then, some people like to sleep on a full-size bed, or even a queen-size. We can make Bunk Beds or even Single Beds in wider sizes, too. Whether you're making room for two people or just looking for more room to stretch out, we can accommodate you! 
  • Longer: OK, the standard twin-size mattress fits most young people. But what about that son or daughter of yours that is stretching to six feet or more? What do you do then? Well, we offer a twin-extra-long mattress -- and we can make the bed to fit the mattress! Both of our boys graduated to Twin XL (which is as long as a queen mattress). Another reason to stretch the length of a bed is to allow space for a headboard in the bed frame. Or, for another reason, you may want a regular mattress in our heavy-duty trundle frame. To accommodate that frame, we have to stretch the bed above it so that everything fits. 
  • Other? Maybe you've got a reason we didn't mention. If so, we'll do our best to meet your need -- and we usually can!
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Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
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NOTE: We do not ship our beds. We serve N Idaho and E Washington. (For Shipping, click here.)