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I would like to consider having my bed shipped
We do not ship our beds, but my son makes the same beds in Minnesota. He works fulltime and has developed the trucking contacts to ship his beds. You may contact him here. Thanks!

I would really like a bed. How do I place an order?
All ordering is done by telephone or in person. (We want to make sure we get the order right!)
When you are ready to order, call 208-819-0568 and tell us what you want. Or you can come to our home and place the order in person. We will start any order with a 50% down payment (balance on pickup or delivery).

​​​​Contact information for questions or orders​:
(See Above)

Can I see a model bed before I make a decision?
Of course! We have some models set up in our home. Just call 208-819-0568 for an appointment. We'll do everything we can to accommodate your schedule. We live in Hayden, just on the north side of Coeur d'Alene.

Will my bed be sturdy enough for big kids or adults?
We've said it about every way that we can, but the best reason to buy one of our beds is that they are STURDY. You can buy sturdy beds in the great big world of bedroom furniture, but they cost a lot more than ours do. Or you can match our price out there in that big world, but you generally will not find those beds to be very STURDY. 
How do we beat out others on sturdiness? We use thicker lumber, professional hardware, and a rugged design which was first developed over 40 years ago and has been fine-tuned ever since. We have actually put five adults on the top of one of our beds at the same time!

What can you tell me about the quality of your beds?
When you buy one of our beds, we'll give you the very best quality we can. Since we build our beds ourselves, we control the quality. We opened our business in 2007, and we have never had a bed come back. We have replaced a couple of defective parts, but that's all part of our guarantee (see below).
Besides that, the guy who answers the phone when you call is the same guy who does quality control on your bed and then helps you load your pickup or van when you arrive to take delivery. That's quality with a personal touch! 

How quickly will my bed be ready?
An old business buddy of mine used to say, "I offer three things: speed, price, and quality -- and you can have any two of the three!" Well, here at Bunk Beds, Etc., we try to offer you all three in every order. You've already got our low prices and our quality. We will also do everything we can to meet any deadline you have on your bed. Most of our beds can be completed within two weeks, but we can't start your bed until we finish the orders ahead of yours. If you need your bed sooner, just ask. We'll do our best. So, if your child's birthday is just around the corner, or you have company coming, or ... 
That's pretty good for "Made to Order"! We don't stock beds in our shop, so you can't just walk in and buy one, but if you can wait awhile, we'll get you an economical, quality, STURDY bed that is "just what the doctor ordered."

Really, how many choices do I have for a bed?
Because we build to order, we can do many things others can't. We can adjust our beds so that they are a little taller, a little shorter, a little wider, or a little longer -- and you don't have to wait six months because you asked for something different. We have built special beds for handicapped children. We have built a TALL queen loft to straddle a king-size bed in a resort condo. We even built a bed for a family who wanted us to use the wood harvested out of the woods behind their own house! If it's possible, we'll try to do it. 
Shop your closest department store, and you can find a bunk bed in any color you like -- as long as you like golden oak, or maybe walnut. Or maybe you go online and you find some bed furniture available in two or three standard colors -- oak, maple, and maybe cherry. Only problem is, you've got dark wood furniture in your bedroom, or all of your trim is painted white. "Made to Order" at Bunk Beds, Etc., means that you can probably match your other furniture or your trim exactly -- or at least awfully close. 

Will my bed be safe for my children?
The bed you buy from Bunk Beds, Etc., is in full compliance with the rules set out by our government to protect you. Every bed meets the safety requirements set out in the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission Standards which became mandatory in June, 2000. We are also in compliance with the new regulations set out in the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Act of 2008. Beside that, we carefully choose wood products and hardware so that your children will be safe in bed -- even if they're being kind of rowdy there! That's another reason to have a STURDY bunk bed.

How hard is it to assemble the bed after I get it?
Even if you put these beds together yourself, you will find it to be simple and straightforward. All you need is a screwdriver and a power drill. (You can do it by hand, but we recommend a cordless or corded drill to make the process faster.) We even supply you with the drill bit driver you need. The Standard Bunk Bed has just six small screws and 32 bolts. The ladder assembly on both ends of the bed is already assembled in our shop so that it is straight, true, and STURDY. 

Can I get matching accessories?
After you use your bed for awhile, you might want to come back for some accessories -- like drawers, or a desk, or a headboard. As our list of accessories grows, maybe you will also want a bookshelf, or a dresser, or ?? Well, you can come back several years from now and we can stain your new piece of furniture to exactly match the bed you originally purchased. How about that?

Are replacement parts available for my bed?
Over time, the natural wood products we used for your bed might show some wear or deterioration, or maybe one of your children or grandchildren will apply his teeth to one of the bed rails (we've had that happen!). Good news! Just pick up the phone and call us. We can make you a new part and match it to the exact color that you originally had. We even keep a record of the color so you don't have to. And ... you don't have to pay to have those parts shipped in from a distance because you bought your bed locally.

Can I have my bed delivered and assembled?
Yes, that's just one more choice you have with Bunk Beds, Etc. You can choose to pick up your bed at our shop and put it together yourself, or we will be glad to deliver it and/or assemble it for you. (There is a reasonable charge for our travel and time, of course.)

Will my bed be guaranteed?
We don't guarantee our beds for 90 days, or one year, or even five years. We will just tell you that we'll treat you fairly. If something goes wrong, and it's because of normal wear and tear or abuse, it's your expense, but we'll fix it for you. If something goes wrong and it's because we didn't do something right or because our materials failed, then it's our expense, and we'll fix it for you. We are Christians and we are anxious to "walk the talk." After all, my "other job" is pastoring, so I have years of "practicing what I preach."
    You can contact us for questions or to order:

  • Phone (the best way): 208-819-0568 (my cell phone) (8AM-8PM Pacific Time)

  • E-mail (the second best way): sturdybunkbeds@roadrunner.com  Click Here!

  • Mail (the slowest way, but it works well for deposit checks):
          Bunk Beds, Etc.
          665 E Dakota Ave
          Hayden, ID 83835-8272

Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
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Call/Text 208-819-0568 to Order or Ask Questions!  8 am - 8 pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Saturday
Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
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Call/Text 208-819-0568 to Order or Ask Questions!  8 am - 8 pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Saturday
NOTE: We do not ship our beds. We serve N Idaho and E Washington. (For Shipping, click here.)