The Standard Bunk Bed is available in Toddler, Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, and King mattress sizes.
It is also available in Standard, and Tall heights (or anything in between).
Each mattress needs a bunky board ($40/toddler; $50/twin/twinXL; $60/full; $80/queen; $100/king)

Standard Bunk Bed
VK100 $250 Middleweight Toddler/Youth Size
PB100 $350 Heavyweight Twin Size
PB105 $390 Heavyweight TwinXL Size
PB150 $530 Heavyweight Full Size
PB170 $640 Heavyweight Queen Size
PB190 $700 Heavyweight King Size

Drawers, Headboards, Stairs, and Trundles are available options 
with this bed. (See our Accessories Page.)
Ladder: Most of our beds incorporate the ladder into the end of the bed (see the picture at right). This feature benefits you two ways: 
1) there is no ladder to trip over or hinder bed-making, and 2) the guardrails can extend the full length of the bed to give greater safety.
Shown: PB100 Heavyweight Standard Bunk in Provincial stain with optional 2-Drawer Set.
Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
The Standard Bunk Bed
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The Standard Bunk Bed is simply one bed supported over another bed. It yields twice as much sleeping space as a single bed in the same floor space. The idea is nearly as old as the bed itself. We make the Standard Bunk Bed in four sizes: Twin, Twin-Extra-Long, Full, and Queen.

The dimensions of any of these beds can be adjusted. For example, 1) we can increase the distance between the two bunks (more headroom for the bottom sleeper), 2) we can change the height of the entire bed, and 3) we can move the bottom bunk closer to the floor.

The Twin Bunk Bed accommodates two standard twin-size mattress. This is a good size for most people - even grown ups. Two long guard rails (mandatory) run the length of each side of the bed to provide safety for the upper sleeper. 

The Twin-Extra-Long Bunk Bed is the same width as a Standard Bunk Bed, but it is six inches longer. The mattress for such a bed is 80 inches long - the same length as a Queen mattress. By the time a young person stretches to near six feet, a standard mattress is beginning to feel pretty crowded. The extra six inches allows that person to stretch out.
Note: We also use the Twin-Extra-Long frame to allow a headboard at one end of a standard mattress (see our Accessories Page).

The Full Bunk Bed allows two full-size beds to be placed on top of each other. For sleepers who are used to the full-size bed, this is a welcome option, while still gaining floor space. The Queen or King Bunk Bed goes one step further by positioning one queen- or king-size bed over another.
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Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
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