Bunk Beds, Etc.
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The L-Shaped Bunk Bed
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The L-Shaped Bed set consists of a Loft Bed with a matching Single Bed set at right angles underneath. The two beds can be positioned in a variety of ways to give greater flexibility. There is even room for a full or queen bed underneath a standard single bed.

The dimensions of any of these beds can be adjusted. For example, 1) we can increase the distance between the two beds (more headroom for the bottom sleeper), 2) we can change the height of either bed, and 3) we can move the lower bed closer to the floor.

Since we build your bed to order, there are lots of possibilities. The top bunk can be a Twin, TwinXL, Full, or Queen. The bottom bunk can also be a Twin, TwinXL, Full, or Queen. That makes 16 possibilities! Which one would you like?
Shown: PB500 Heavyweight Twin over Twin L-Shaped Bunk
The L-Shape Bunk Bed is available in Twin, TwinXL, Full, and Queen mattress sizes for either the upper or lower beds.
It is also available in Short, Standard, and Tall heights (or anything in between).
Each mattress needs a bunky board ($40/Toddler; $50/Twin/TwinXL; $60/Full; $80/Queen)

L-Shaped Bunk Bed Set
VK500 $400 Middleweight Toddler Loft over Toddler Bed
PB500 $570 Heavyweight Twin Loft over Twin Bed
PB505 $595 Heavyweight Twin Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB550 $685 Heavyweight Twin Loft over Full Bed
PB570 $730 Heavyweight Twin Loft over Queen Bed
PB502 $615 Heavyweight TwinXL Loft over Twin Bed
PB507 $630 Heavyweight TwinXL Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB552 $730 Heavyweight TwinXL Loft over Full Bed
PB572 $775 Heavyweight TwinXL Loft over Queen Bed
PB504 $775 Heavyweight Full Loft over Twin Bed
PB509 $800 Heavyweight Full Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB554 $890 Heavyweight Full Loft over Full Bed
PB574 $935 Heavyweight Full Loft over Queen Bed
PB506 $900 Heavyweight Queen Loft over Twin Bed
PB511 $925 Heavyweight Queen Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB556 $1015 Heavyweight Queen Loft over Full Bed
PB576 $1060 Heavyweight Queen Loft over Queen Bed

Single Drawers, Headboards, Mattresses, and Stairs are available accessories for these beds.
Call/Text 208-819-0568 to Order or Ask Questions!  8 am - 8 pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Saturday
Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
HomePricesAccessoriesColors & SuchQuestions?

Call/Text 208-819-0568 to Order or Ask Questions!  8 am - 8 pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Saturday
NOTE: We do not ship our beds. We serve N Idaho and E Washington. (For Shipping, click here.)