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Bunk Beds, Etc., is a small, part-time, family-owned company. Paul (Dad) runs the business along with his other full-time job of pastoring a church. He started the business to help his sons get a start on their college funding. Now they have moved on to bigger and better things, so he mostly works in his spare time with a little help sometimes from his lovely wife, daughters or grandsons.

We have been in business since early 2007, but the bunk bed plans we build from have been around more than 40 years! "Bunk Bed Bob," as he came to be called, made a bunk bed for his family because he didn't like anything he could buy. Soon he was working out of his garage, building beds for friends who liked his beds. Eventually, he developed a factory and a storefront out in the Midwest. Over the years, he fine-tuned his plans, kept up with the government's consumer safety rules, and found out where to get the best kinds of hardware.

The cycle continues. We purchased a set of his plans and now we work out of our garage, building beds for people who like the look and feel of our beds. This website gives us a place to tell you about the beds we make and the ways we can customize a bed to make it fit your needs exactly.

Our beds don't have all the fancy spindles and designs of some of the beds you can buy, but they sure are STURDY! These beds will still be around when some of the fancier models have splintered, sagged, and snapped.

We hope you order one of our beds, because then we'll have something to do. But, if you don't, we're still glad that you stopped by to see what we're up to.

Have a great day!

(Please Note: We do not ship beds. We keep plenty busy with orders for local pickup or  delivery only. Thanks!)
  1) Bunky Boards are mattress supports, like box springs but made thin (3/4-inch) especially for bunk beds. Each mattress needs one unless you provide your own.
  2) Drawers, Headboards, Trundles, and Mattresses can be added to most bed styles below (See Accessories Price List below).
  3) All dimensions listed below can be modified to meet your specific requirements. That's the beauty of made-to-order!

We are very sorry, but we do not ship beds to other locations. We keep plenty busy making beds for local pick-up and delivery only. You may pick up your bed from our home or arrange for us to deliver it at a nominal charge ($2.00/mile - $20 minimum).
If you live out of our area and would like a bed shipped, please click here to reach my son's website in Minneapolis. (He makes the same beds and will ship them.)

We accept only cash, check, or money order payments. We are not able to accept credit or debit cards for payment.

Bed Dimensions:
Toddler Beds = 32"W x 58"L
Twin Beds = 42"W x 81"L 
TwinXL Beds = 42"W x 87"L
Full Beds = 58"W x 81"L
Queen Beds = 64"W x 87"L

Bed Heights
Height = height of corner post. Top of mattress is approximately 7" lower.
All of these dimensions can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Toddler = 56"H
Standard = 65"H
Tall = 74"H
Short = 48"H
Triple (Stacked) = 81"H
Triple (L-Shaped) = 74"H

Model   Price

Bunky Boards 
(Every mattress needs one! You can supply your own 
or purchase one from us -- your choice!)
BK080   $40    Toddler/Youth Size
BK100   $50    Twin/TwinXL Size
BK150   $60    Full Size
BK170   $80    Queen Size
BK190  $100    King Size

Standard Bunk Beds
VK100   $285   Toddler/Youth Size
PB100   $400   Twin Size
PB105   $445   TwinXL Size
PB150   $605   Full Size
PB170   $730   Queen Size
PB190   $800   King Size

Stackable Bunk Beds (Separate into two beds)
VK100   $320   Toddler/Youth Size
PB200   $435   Twin Size
PB205   $480   TwinXL Size
PB250   $640   Full Size
PB270   $765   Queen Size
PB290   $835   King Size

Loft Beds (Standard, Tall, or Short heights)
VK300   $275   Toddler Size
PB300   $390   Twin Size
PB305   $435   TwinXL Size
PB350   $595   Full Size
PB370   $720   Queen Size
PB390   $790   King Size

Mixed-Size Beds
PB450   $550   Twin Upper / Full Lower
PB450s  $585   Twin Upper / Full Lower (Stackable)
PB470   $615   TwinXL Upper / Queen Lower
PB470s  $650   TwinXL Upper / Queen Lower (Stackable)

L-Shaped Beds (Loft Bed over Single Bed)
VK500   $400   Toddler Loft over Toddler Bed
PB500   $570   Twin Loft over Twin Bed
PB505   $595   Twin Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB550   $685   Twin Loft over Full Bed
PB570   $730   Twin Loft over Queen Bed 
PB502   $615   TwinXL Loft over Twin Bed
PB507   $630   TwinXL Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB552   $730   TwinXL Loft over Full Bed
PB572   $775   TwinXL Loft over Queen Bed
PB504   $775   Full Loft over Twin Bed
PB509   $800   Full Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB554   $890   Full Loft over Full Bed
PB574   $935   Full Loft over Queen Bed
PB506   $900   Queen Loft over Twin Bed
PB511   $925   Queen Loft over TwinXL Bed
PB556   $1015   Queen Loft over Full Bed
PB576   $1060  Queen Loft over Queen Bed

Captain Beds (Single Platform Bed w/ Drawers or Trundle below)
PB600   $435   Twin w/2-Drawer Set
PB610   $355   Twin w/Standard Trundle
PB605   $445   TwinXL w/3-Drawer Set
PB615   $365   TwinXL w/Heavy-Duty Trundle
PB650   $550   Full w/2-Drawer Set
PB655   $800   Full w/4-Drawer Set (2 drawers each side)
PB670   $660   Queen w/3-Drawer Set
PB675   $980   Queen w/6-Drawer Set (3 drawers each side)
PB690   $775   King w/3-Drawer Set
PB695   $1095   King w/6-Drawer Set (3 drawers each side)

Triple Bunks (Stacked)
PB700   $640   Twin Size
PB705   $710   TwinXL Size

Triple Bunks (L-Shaped)
PB710   $790   Twin Size
PB715   $855   TwinXL Size

Single Platform Beds
VK800   $125   Toddler Size
PB800   $180   Twin Size
PB805   $205   TwinXL Size
PB850   $295   Full Size
PB870   $340   Queen Size
PB890   $455   King Size
UnderBed Storage Drawers
DR100  $115  Single Drawer
DR200  $230  Two-Drawer Set
DR300  $300  Three-Drawer Set

Headboards (Headboards add 6" to the overall length of the bed)
HB100   $55  Twin or TwinXL size (each)
HB150   $75  Full size (each)
HB170   $95  Queen size (each)

DK100  $120  Small Desk (fits under Twin or TwinXL Loft)
DK150  $170  Large Desk (fits under Full or Queen Loft)

Trundle Beds
TR100  $160  Standard Twin (fits under Twin or Full Size)
TR105  $230  Heavyweight Twin (fits under TwinXL or Queen Size)
TR150  $290  Standard Full (fits under Full Size)
TR170  $320  Standard Queen (fits under Queen Size)

Ladders (Straight or Slanted)
LD080  $ 80  Ladder to fit Toddler Bunk or Short Loft Beds
LD100  $100  Ladder to fit Standard Height Beds
LD105  $120  Ladder to fit Tall Bunk or Tall Loft Beds

ST080  $180  To Fit Toddler Bunk/Loft
ST100  $200  To Fit Twin Size Bunk/Loft
ST120  $220  To Fit Tall Bunk/Loft
ST150  $220  To Fit Full Size Bunk/Loft
ST170  $250  To Fit Queen/King Size Bunk/Loft

Toddler Size
FM080  $ 80  4" Poly Foam
Twin Size
EP100  $125  6" Economy Plush Innerspring
FL100  $160  8" First Light Innerspring Quilt-Top
DB100  $200  9" Daybreak 100 Innerspring Quilt-Top
TwinXL Size 
EP105  $155  6" Economy Plush Innerspring
FL105  $190  8" First Light Innerspring Quilt-Top
DB105  $230  9" Daybreak 100 Innerspring Quilt-Top
Full Size
EP150  $165  6" Economy Plush Innerspring
FL150  $220  8" First Light Innerspring Quilt-Top
DB150  $260  9" Daybreak 100 Innerspring Quilt-Top
Queen Size
FL170  $250  8" First Light Innerspring Quilt-Top
DB170  $310  9" Daybreak 100 Innerspring Quilt-Top
Bunk Bed Price List
Accessories Price List
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Bunk Beds, Etc.
We build 'em STURDY!
HomePricesAccessoriesColors & SuchQuestions?

Call/Text 208-819-0568 to Order or Ask Questions!  8 am - 8 pm (Pacific Time) Monday-Saturday
NOTE: We do not ship our beds. We serve N Idaho and E Washington. (For Shipping, click here.)
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